Captain Rajiv Thakar

Master Mariner
LL.M. Maritime Law
Casualty and Complex Claims Manager


DDI:      +44 203 859 9059
Mob:     +44 7720 826560

Captain Rajiv Thakar joined W.E. Cox Claims Group in 2017 having previously worked in the marine claims market. Prior to this he was at sea for sixteen years, sailing on tankers and OBOs with command experience. He has a Masters in Maritime Law from the prestigious University of Southampton.

Captain Rajiv Thakar handles and advises on all aspects of large marine casualties including Salvage, General Average, Cargo Claims, Recoveries and Settlement, with emphasis on keeping costs to a minimum. He has taken cases to Arbitrations, Mediations and Courts in England and other jurisdictions and has an excellent track record of significant recoveries in cases involving fire, explosion, collision, grounding, sinking, capsizing, charterparty disputes, main / auxiliary engine failure, rudder / propeller failure, alleged heavy weather, piracy, cargo shifting / overboard, cargo contamination, cargo shortage, fraud, etc.

Combining his practical experience at sea, legal knowledge from LL.M. Maritime Law and investigative and negotiation skills makes him an expert at preparing and developing cases on unseaworthiness, deviation, and other breaches of contract and beating the “fire”, “negligence in the navigation and management of the vessel” and “perils of the sea” exceptions under the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act / Hague Visby Rules.