Caterpillar Claims & Survey Agents

For ease and speed of service, we would encourage all claims to reported by our Online Caterpillar Claim Form, which can be found here.

T. +44 20 7488 2580
F. +44 20 7488 2583



Survey Agents

W.E. Cox Claims Group (Europe) Limited have put together a list of agents to assist with the handling of Caterpillar claims, a copy of which can be found here.


Cargo Loss Procedures

Claims Reporting to W.E. Cox Claims Group (Europe) Limited

W.E. Cox Claims Group (Europe) is a designated claim agent appointed by Underwriters to accept claims' reports and settle claims on behalf of Underwriters for Caterpillar entities on a worldwide basis.

Dealers who purchase Caterpillar products from Caterpillar entities worldwide also file claims with W.E. Cox Claims Group (Europe) Limited as listed below:

W.E. Cox Claims Group (Europe) Limited
140 Fenchurch Street

T. +44 20 7488 2580
F. +44 20 7488 2583



Emergency Contacts

Whilst all claims should be reported to the UK office, W.E. Cox Claims Group (Europe) is utilising the services of their colleagues around the world, ensuring that assistance is always on hand, anytime, anywhere.

Should you require assistance and not be able to contact W.E. Cox Claims Group (Europe) in the UK, please contact your regional office for assistance:

USA / Canada

E: Charles Droll

China / North Asia

E: Twinnie Lai

Indian Continent / Australasia / South East Asia

E: Paul Sansom


Caterpillar Financial Insurance Services

The claims unit at Caterpillar Financial Insurance Services is available to assist you in making a claim report, or in providing information and support. Assistance is available from the following:

Caterpillar Financial Insurance Services
2120 West End Ave
TN 37203

T: (1) 615-341-8167
F: (1) 615-341-8598 

E: Martin Day


Responsibilities of Receiver/Consignee

  • Inspect cargo upon receipt to determine any damage or shortage

  • Retain evidence of the damage for later inspection and take photos, if possible

  • Promptly report the claim

  • Take steps to mitigate loss (reasonable expenses are recoverable)

  • Take exception and note damage on the delivery receipt or bill of lading

  • File preliminary notice of the damage with the carrier (AEI will often do this for you)


What are the common essential documents required for an ocean cargo claim?

  • Bill of Lading / Air Waybill / Road Consignment Note

  • Delivery Receipt

  • Packing list

  • Commercial Invoice

  • Any evidence you have of damage- photos, receipts for expense, repair invoices etc


What are some optional documents that may be relevant to a shipment?

  • A certificate of insurance

  • A load and stow survey

  • A carrier's confirmation of non-delivery

  • A surveyor report (if needed to document the claim )

  • Your notice of claim against the carrier

  • Any other document relevant to the claim that is requested by the carrier


What are the essential functions of the marine surveyor?

  • Investigate to determine the probable cause of the loss

  • Evaluate the scope of damage for the underwriter and submit evidence of the damage

  • Determine the value of any salvage and assist with the sale and disposition

  • Assist the underwriter as necessary with the resolution of any local issues for settlement, storage charges, or special problems as directed

  • Underwriters or W.E. Cox Claims Group (Europe) will make the assessment on the need for a survey when they receive notice of claim


What constitutes a total loss & what factors need to be considered prior to repair?

  • A total loss exists for insurance purposes when the cost of repairs minus the value of the salvage exceeds the value of the damaged property.

  • A general rule of thumb for Caterpillar products is when the cost of repairs equals or exceed 80% of the cost of the machine or engine, the damage is most likely a total loss.


What factors can complicate our business?

  • The location of the goods when the damage is discovered - United States and Europe versus third world deliveries and remote locations from the source of the production

  • The ability of the local dealer or repair facility to restore usable damaged parts as opposed to ordering a replacement

  • The obligation in various countries and venues to disclose to the customer the extent of the damage to determine if the property will still be accepted even if repairs are made by a certified facility

  • The risk that the order may be lost or the customer relationship strained by delays in the delivery date, or delays in the repair or claim process


Advice for claims

  • Report the claim as soon as practical after you have knowledge of the loss

  • The documentation can be partial and completed when all of the information is available

  • Seek advice and help from the claims unit at CAT Financial Insurance Services or from W.E. Cox Claims Group (Europe)

  • Help us to help you in having the best cargo program possible for our mutual benefit


Should you need help or more information please contact:

Martin Day
Caterpillar Financial Insurance Services

T: (1) 615-341-8167
F: (1) 615-341-8598 

E: Martin Day