Phyllis Lee

General Office Manager, W.E. Cox Claims Group (Hong Kong)

Tel:      +852 2573 7770

Originally from Hong Kong, Phyllis received her secondary and higher education in the UK.  On attaining her Bachelor’s Degree, Phyllis returned to Hong Kong to take up the post of Group Administration and Personnel Manager for a large bar and restaurant chain.

Phyllis Joined W.E. Cox Claims Group’s Hong Kong Branch in 2004 as Office Administrator.  Responsibilities in the role soon expanded as the Hong Kong Office expanded beyond Recovery Handling to include Claim Settling, Survey Operations, Freight Forwarder liability and Risk Management investigations.  

Phyllis is now General Office Manager working closely with the Group Company Secretary in the administration of the accounts for the three Group companies operating in Hong Kong.  In addition to responsibility for Company compliance with local regulations, Phyllis also conducts many HR functions that relate to payroll and tax/pension/medical contributions and liabilities.

Phyllis is a native Cantonese speaker, is fluent in Putonghua and fluent in both spoken and written English.