In 1961, William (Bill) Cox was working in the offices of a well known claims' settling company, adjusting Cargo Claims for international Insurers.

Bill was always surprised as to why no one ever approached the shipping line or PI Club for reimbursement of claims where clearly they were liable, but following some investigation, Bill was told it was just not considered important. However, made of strong will and with belief the Insurance market was missing a trick, in July 1961, Bill left his claims adjusting job and from his kitchen table he established W.E. Cox & Co. (Recoveries) Limited.
Over the next 30 years, W.E. Cox & Co. (Recoveries) was established as the largest and leading Recovery and Subrogation agent worldwide, providing services for individuals, global Insurance companies and Cargo Owners.

With the natural changes of business, and specifically the changes to the international marine Insurance market, W.E. Cox & Co (Recoveries) expanded and diversified. With Bill's knowledge now being assisted by the enthusiasm and passion of his son David, they looked to aggressively expand with offices opening in strategic locations worldwide, and established departments to deal with Surveys, Cargo Claims and Defence Liability.

Following Bill's retirement, David continued to invest and expand, with the company taking the title of the W.E. Cox Claims Group, encompassing the following subsidiaries:

W.E. Cox & Co. (Recoveries) Limited
W.E. Cox (Australasia) Pty Limited
W.E. Cox Claims Group (Europe) Limited
W.E. Cox Claims Group (USA) LLC
W.E. Cox Claims Group Pte
PCL Far East Limited
PCL Claims Limited
CWH Johnsons International

In July 2011, the family owned company celebrated 50 years in the Insurance industry.

Today, the passion and ethic of Bill Cox is reflected in the business values which continue to see W.E. Cox Claims Group expand and be considered as one of the leading global organisations both in marine Insurance and motorsport industries.