About Us

Professional Service
Our dedicated teams are cargo claims professionals with innovative ideas and a dynamic approach combining both the qualities and virtues of a traditional expert, with those of one who understands the realities of a modern industry.

We handle a diverse range of claims with the ability and expertise to negotiate with claimants where policy conditions are paramount and also where appropriate on a commercial basis.

Global Presence
With our regional hub offices in the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore Australia and the USA, together with our worldwide network of Survey Agents, we have a truly global presence. Our dedicated teams ensure we provide the finest service, since we know that Insurance companies are judged by their claims’ service, and the attitude of our staff worldwide is paramount to accommodating our clients and protecting the rights of Insurers.

Service Standard
This Service Standard is flexible and fully adaptable to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

  • Acknowledgement of claim and notification to Principals within 24 hours
  • Preliminary claim details within seven days
  • Adjust and submit claim within seven days of receipt of documented claim file
  • Recovery assessment made in advance of Subrogated rights

Competitive Fee Scale
Our competitive fee scale is assessed on a percentage basis of the claim amount, with flexibility dependent on the volume of business being handled. Whilst our traditional fee scale is competitive, we can tailor our charges to reflect the needs of your organisations, including retainers, flat fee per file and time and trouble.

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