Welcome to Recoveries & Subrogation

W.E. Cox & Co. (Recoveries) Limited, established in 1961, today remains the core business of the W.E. Cox Claims Group.

The success of the Recoveries division in the Group is unrivalled by its competitors, and has always been at the forefront of Subrogation in the marine Industry. W.E. Cox & Co. (Recoveries) is the original Subrogation company of which all its competitors have been modelled on.

Providing Recovery expertise on behalf of international Insurance companies and Cargo Owners, W.E. Cox & Co. (Recoveries) coordinates its services in the UK, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and the USA.

With experienced professionals based in each location, it is easy to see why W.E. Cox & Co. (Recoveries) is the market’s leading Subrogation provider.

The importance of securities 19/02/2024
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