We have learned of an incident involving the vessel ABYO ANGELINA, a Malta flag, 2006 built, 42,898gt bulk carrier, on a voyage from San Nicolas (Argentina) to China, calling also at Tubarao (Brazil).

It is reported that the vessel ran aground in the Parana River, having loaded about 40,000 MT of iron ore, at Parana Iron Terminal. It seems that there was a power failure manoeuvring to turn downstream. After inspection, it was determined that the engine and the compressed air system had to be repaired. Once completed, the Argentine Coastguard will appoint tugs to refloat the vessel and it will be inspected again to confirm the vessel may resume the voyage to China.

We trust that this information is of interest to you and if you are involved with cargo onboard either vessel, we welcome your advice to represent your interest, as well as taking care of any security requirements.

The importance of securities 19/02/2024
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