We have received the following new casualty report.

Fully cellular containership APL MEXICO CITY drifted after breaking its lines at the quay and came into contact with a shore crane, causing it to collapse.

Services of professional salvors were sought under the Lloyd’s Form of Salvage Agreement (LOF) by the vessel.

The above incident may give rise to salvage, general average (GA) and recovery issues.

We can assist in the complete handling of this matter including provision of Salvage and/or General Average securities, arranging surveys, adjusting potential losses and pursuing recovery for any losses suffered.

If you have insured cargo onboard any of the above vessels and would like us to assist you, we suggest that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can start taking steps to protect your interests.

As appropriate, please contact:

Australia – Niall Orr

USA – Charles Droll

Hong Kong – Wendy Lee

United Kingdom – Paul Friett

Singapore – Paul Sansom

News – W.E. Cox Summer Boat Party 2023 10/07/2023

Thank you to all our friends and clients who attended our recent Summer Boat Party. We had a great time and trust that you did as well.

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