Casualty update – Dali – Allision with Bridge – General Average declared

Casualty update - Dali - Allision with Bridge - General Average declared

Incident Date:     26th March 2024
Vessel:                  DALI
IMO No.               9697428
Type:                    Fully Cellular Containership
Incident:              Allision with bridge – GA declared

Further to our earlier reports in relation to the above captioned incident we have now received confirmation that the Owners and Operators of the DALI, have declared General Average.

Richard Hogg Lindley (RHL) have been appointed as GA Adjusters and have advised that cargo will not be released to cargo owners until suitable Security has been provided by all cargo owners, both for General Average and Salvage.

Whilst lightering operations have commenced Owners and Operators of the DALI have not yet provided an estimate of when or where sound cargoes may be available for collection or when and where damaged cargoes can be inspected.

W.E. Cox have been appointed on behalf of a number of cargo interests and are perfectly positioned to survey damaged cargoes, assist in salvage sale and loss mitigation as well as provide General Average and Salvage Securities.

If you are aware of any involvement in this casualty and W E COX CLAIMS GROUP may be of assistance in any way, including provision of securities, arranging surveys, adjusting any potential losses &/or undertaking recovery action, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As appropriate, please contact:

United Kingdom – Paul Friett
France – Marie-Laure Mirrione
Europe – John Jackson
Hong Kong – Twinnie Lai
Singapore – Paul Sansom
USA – Joshua Gayer
Australia – Niall Orr

If this or future casualty notices should be forwarded to any of your colleagues, we would be pleased to receive their contact details and we will add them to our Client List.

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