Further to our initial Casualty Notice we can confirm that W.E. COX CLAIMS GROUP have been appointed on behalf of a number of interests and in this regard, please find below an update based upon the information we have gathered to date.

The explosion affected an area about 20,000 sq. meter. The first explosion’s power was equivalent to an earthquake with magnitude 2.3, whereas the subsequent second explosion having power equivalent to 21 tons of TNT.

Logistics Companies with Premises Affected:-

There are many logistics company located in the vicinity of the center of explosion in the warehouse of Ruihai International Logistics Co Ltd. As such, many companies and premises are adversely affected, which includes :-

1�ہ�_�����_ی�Ԍμ����_���_��_��䎪���Œ�� Tianjin Development Zone Gui Long Industrial Co., Ltd�_�470m from center of explosion�_��_�
2�ہ�Ȭ��ግ_�__�ݠ��ɍ���䩾����䎪���Œ��Binhai Boda Container Logistics Co., Ltd.�_�480m from center of explosion�_��_�
3�ہ��ԍܨ��Ӎ����_��ɍ䩾����Œ�� Golden Lion Minmetals International Logistics Co., Ltd.�_�670m from center of explosion�_��_�
4�ہ��ύܨ�䩾�� Singamas Logistics Co., Ltd.�_�880m from center of explosion�_��_�
5�ہ�����_��_��ɍ䩾��(�_����)��䎪���Œ�� Changhua International Logistics(Tianjin) Co., Ltd.(890m from center of explosion�_��_�
6�ہ�_�����С��������_ Xingang, Tianjin Customs�_�900m from center of explosion�_��_�
Other major companies or premises suffered includes :-
1�ہ�_������������Ҍ�� Renaults(Tianjin) warehouse�_�(about 1,000 units of vehicles be destroyed by explosion)
2�ہ�_��_Ѿ�_�__Volkswagens Group China(Tianjin)�_�damaged vehicles include :�_��_э�_��_(Volkswagen Beetle) �_э�_��_��Ǐ__�_ܕ_݌ɦ��_�����Όɬ��ُ���_΍�_��_���Volkswagen Beetle (391 units)�_Ώ����_���Multivan(770 units) UP84�_��_Ύ�����Golf (114 units)�_Ώ����_Magotan (28 units)�_�SportsVan (39 units)�_�tiguan (257 units)�_Ύ�ӎӐTouareg (1,065 units)�_�estimated damage of 2,748 units���
3�ہ����ӡ��_��_����ȼ�_��䩾����Œ��(Tong Fang Global (Tianjin) Logistics Co., LTD, established by Toyota,China FAW) which is near the centre of explosion.
4�ہ��ʾ��HP��Ώ�_���Tencent��Œ���_�has �����ъ�_���(icloud computing centre) in the vicinity.

A large area of the port was devastated. Shipping containers were left buckled, bent and toppled on top of each other. Many imported vehicles were burnt.

Current situation of warehouse of Ruihui International Logistics Co Ltd.

The area surrounding the accident scene has been cordoned off. Dozens of employees of Tianjin Port Group Company were unaccounted for.

Up to this moment, we understand that the fire has not been fully extinguished with poisonous gas emitting. Reportedly, there are still two flammable cargo tanks being in danger of explosion. A team of military chemical experts is testing for toxic gases at the scene. There are attempt to remove and detoxify the 700 tons of sodium cyanide stored inside the warehouse and reportedly, a controlled explosion of flammable cargo tanks perilously close to the danger area has not been successful and the risk remains of yet further explosion and more extensive leaking of toxic fumes and poisonous gas.

Considering such a massive casualty in China with devastating loss in human life and properties, the warehouse is cordoned off by the local police. No investigator should approach the accident scene as the two flammable cargo tanks were still in danger of explosion and need to be treated safely by local chemical experts to avoid another explosion. No access of fire experts appointed by any Insurers will be granted, as local Insurers will rely on future investigation outcome released by the local Fire Services Department as official evidence of the cause of the fire and explosion.

Executives of Ruihai International Logistics Co. in Tianjin Dongjiang Port are in police custody and a team of 217 military specialists in nuclear and biochemical materials has arrived in the city, cited by People’s Liberation Army officials, for investigation of the incident.

Claims Handling

We have retained the services of Surveyors and experts in Tianjin however we fully expect the scene to be a restricted area for the foreseeable future. Not just because there still remains a threat to public health and safety but because, given the destruction of life and property, this will be a sensitive political issue.
Our intention is to provide a streamlined and cost-efficient service in order to minimize the investigation expenses to be borne by clients. We shall work closely with our agents and experts in order that we can communicate the most up-to-date information during the aftermath investigation. Once the exclusion has been lifted and limited access to surveyors granted we shall provide clients with details of whether all policy subject matters are total losses or whether there are PA losses to adjusted.

In addition, if we are able to identify a route of recovery for any claim, we shall be working on this concurrently.

If W.E. COX CLAIMS GROUP can be of any assistance to you please contact Gordon Blyth Jr. or Wendy Lee.

Best regards,

Anthony Carter

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