A shipment of hazardous goods / explosives in a warehouse in Binhai new area, Tianjin went up in flames causing devastation to surrounding buildings and property up to 3km from the site of the initial explosion.

Over 1,000 firefighters and 143 fire trucks were dispatched to deal with the unfolding tragedy and the present information is that efforts to extinguish the fires have been suspended due to safety fears both relating to further explosions and the risk of exposure to toxic fumes. Factories in the area have been told not to open until the situation has been brought under control. The area is a major base for petrochemicals, refining and over similar high-risk industrial processes.

It is being reported that 12 fire fighters have lost their lives and a further 36 are unaccounted for. In total, 44 people are reported to have died with a further 66 people described as being in critical condition in hospital.

W.E. Cox Comments/Recommendations:
Established in 2011 with registered capital of RMB 50 million, the warehouse ��_�����܎_ݍ䩾����䎪���Œ�� in �_��������Р�����ɾ����� (Dongjiang FreeTrade Port Zone of Tianjin) acts as an international shipping and logistics hub for North China and is the major port gateway to Beijing under the operational oversight of Tianjin Maritime Bureau an Tianjin Transportation Authority. Annual throughput of the warehouse is 1 million tons with annual operation income reaching RMB 30 million.

According to information obtained, there are 7 categories of dangerous cargo operations at this facility, including: compressed gas; liquefied gas; flammable liquid; flammable solid; oxidizing agent; poisonous items; corrosive items.

We are coordinating with our local survey agent in Tianjin who, we understand, has already been instructed to investigate losses. However, given the very real problems of safety, we are waiting on further developments before we expect to obtain official clearance/access to the facility and surrounding site.

If you have any insured shipment in the affected warehouse or any premises in the vicinity, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance in verification of the loss with investigation of any recovery prospect at your best interest. We invite you to revert to us with confirmation as to whether or not this incident involves one of your assureds. Should you have any queries, please contact any one of our Claims Offices.

W. E. Cox Claims Group has local agents available immediately, 24/7, to offer assistance locally to safeguard Cargo Interests.

If this or future casualty notices should be forwarded to any of your colleagues, we would be pleased to receive their contact details and we will add them to our Client List.

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