Further reports of the incident have indicated that the vessel developed a list following departure from Southampton and that the vessel was deliberately stranded in order to avoid possible capsize.

Salvage contract has been agreed between Shipowners and Svitzer Salvage under Lloyds Open Form contract and salvage services will begin to refloat the vessel.

The cargo is reported to amount to approximately 1,400 vehicles, including the majority from Jaguar / Land Rover, as well as BMW.

WE Cox Claims Group are appointed to represent cargo insurers in Middle East, on whose behalf we are liaising with representatives of Salvors, as well as Corporation of Lloyds. If we may be of assistance to other insurers to incorporate your cargo in our enquiries, for provision of securities and to represent your interest in the salvage case, we await details of cargo for our immediate action.

The importance of securities 19/02/2024
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