Incident Date:    23th August 2023

Vessel:                  KMTC SHENZHEN

IMO No.               9626417

Type:                    Fully Cellular Containership

Incident:             Fire

We have learned of an incident involving the vessel KMTC SHENZHEN, a Korea Flag containership, which reported a fire 12th August 2023.

The container vessel with a capacity of 2,778teu was approaching Port Klang Malaysia when the fire broke out, having previously called Hong Kong, Shanghai, Qingdao, Incheon and Busan. As a result of this incident it is highly likely that there will be delays to cargo delivery, cargo damages.

W.E. Cox own in-house Surveyors, CWH Johnsons International, are in place to attend surveys and if you are aware of any involvement in this casualty and W E Cox Claims Group may be of assistance in any way, including provision of securities, arranging surveys, adjusting any potential losses &/or undertaking recovery action, please do not hesitate to contact us. As appropriate, please contact:

United Kingdom – Paul Friett

France – Marie-Laure Mirrione

Europe – John Jackson

Hong Kong – Twinnie Lai

Singapore – Paul Sansom

USA – Joshua Gayer

Australia – Niall Orr

If this or future casualty notices should be forwarded to any of your colleagues, we would be pleased to receive their contact details and we will add them to our Client List.

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