The river container ship SHANG QING 3 HAO lost 45 containers overboard on May 01 at Shanghai WGQ Container Terminal. The apparent cause was unsecured containers moving on the vessel, causing her to list starboard, with the consequence containers fell overboard. The drifting containers have caused damage to docked ships. SHANG QING 3 HAO flies the Chinese flag.

If you have cargo on board the SHANG QING 3 HAO, W.E.Cox are able to assist you with provision of Salvage and General Average security, and any negotiations. We also provide a full Recovery action service.

Announcement – CWH Johnsons International 16/03/2023

CWH JOHNSONS INTERNATIONAL (CWHJI), the survey division of WE COX CLAIMS GROUP, is delighted to announce that Lionel Gaspari will be promoted with immediate effect to the position of General Manager- EMEA region.

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