TS TAPEI – Update

Further to our announcement on Thursday, 10th March, we write to update you. Whilst the TP Taipei has not yet declared General Average or LOF; we are aware that a tragic accident has taken place when the coast guard helicopter crashed into the sea whilst assisting the vessel. One special services officer has died and the pilot remains critically injured. The remaining three people in the helicopter were successfully rescued within 90 minutes of the crash. The vessel remains approximately 300 metres from the coast with suspected breaches in the aft of her hull, and the engine room flooded. Weather conditions remain harsh.

Our local office continues their investigations. If you have cargo on board the TS Taipei, W.E. Cox are able to assist you with provision of Salvage and General Average security, and negotiations, as required. We are also able to provide a full Recovery action service.

The importance of securities 19/02/2024
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