The weekend of 5th/6th December 2015 saw the Chairman, David Cox, race a Nissan 370Z at The Thunderhills Raceway in Willow CA. One of the sponsors of the car were the Group’s US office, W.E. Cox Claims Group USA LLC. David was sharing the driving with three Australians with whom he’s raced with before, in Europe; Ric Shaw, Stephen Borness and Phil Alexander.

There was a huge field of 77 cars for the 13th running of the Thunderhills 25 Hr race, they qualified a credible 32nd overall, 7th in class, bearing in mind none of them had raced at Thunderhills before.

David Cox was elected to start the race and after the first round of pit stops everything was going well. In fact by 2am, after 14 hours of racing, they had climbed their way up the leader board to 16th overall, 4th in class but then around the same time as the rain came, the car developed a misfire due to fuel starvation resulting in numerous additional pit stops to try to rectify the problem including changing the fuel pump and despite the best efforts of the excellent mechanics of the US based race team, CA Sport, they were unable to identify the problem and at 11.45am on the Sunday, 24 Hrs and 45 minutes into the race with just 15 minutes to go the team decided to withdraw the car rather than risk a possible engine blow up due to fuel starvation.

It was a disappointing end to which was otherwise a fantastic weekend.

David Cox’s next outing will be in Australia competing in the infamous 12 Hour Bathurst race.

News – W.E. Cox Summer Boat Party 2023 10/07/2023

Thank you to all our friends and clients who attended our recent Summer Boat Party. We had a great time and trust that you did as well.

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