Introduction to E.L. Johnsons Sales Ltd

W.E. Cox Claims Group are delighted to advise that with effect 1st August 2020 Andrew Williamson (MBACS), has been promoted to Salvage and Sales Manager within E.L. Johnsons Sales Ltd.

E.L. Johnsons Sales Ltd is a subsidiary of W.E. Cox Claims Group Ltd that is dedicated to the sale of distressed and damaged cargoes in order to mitigate losses for the benefit of cargo owners and insurers alike.

Andrew Williamson has a wealth of experience in cargo surveying and loss mitigation. Having joined E.L. Johnson’s Sons & Mowat Ltd as an Apprentice / Junior Surveyor in 2001. He was able to gain knowledge and hands on experience, surveying and reporting to cargo insurers and their insured on various cargo claims, for various goods shipped by sea, airfreight and road transportation movements. In parallel, he developed a deep understanding of the need to sell distressed / damaged cargoes, which included predominantly soft and hard commodities / perishable and frozen goods, in addition to the handling of road traffic incidents and theft investigations.

In 2007, utilising his knowledge and experiences gained, Andrew succeeded in achieving his MBACS (Member of British Association of Cargo Surveyors), the recognised survey industry qualification. He also became more involved in international cargo surveys and inspections on soft commodity claims, predominantly in Asia, U.S.A. and Mexico.

In 2018, Andrew together with his fellow Directors of E.L. Johnson’s Sons & Mowat Ltd, merged with CWH Europe, part of W.E. Claims Group Ltd, to bring together the resources, experience and personnel from both companies and offer a global network of Surveyors to the Marine Industry, whereby CWH Johnsons International was formed.

In addition to this, W.E. Cox Claims Group Ltd formed a dedicated salvage and sales company, E.L. Johnsons Sales Ltd to work both in conjunction with our in-house surveyors, as well as independently, on behalf of external cargo interests/insurers. Having built a network of global general and specific salvage buyers and conducted sales on behalf of cargo owners and Insurers, we are proud that E.L. Johnsons Sales Ltd has evolved into one of the market leading experts in salvage sales.

Whilst Andrew will be predominantly occupied with his new role as Salvage and Sales Manager within E.L. Johnsons Sales Ltd he will remain a key member of our surveying team and will still be involved in survey appointments, as and when required.

W.E. Cox Claims Group Ltd would like to thank or clients for their continued support and further information on E.L. Johnsons Sales Ltd can be found at

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